drawneast original art and prints

drawn east original art and prints

Original art and prints inspired by the beauty and history of coastal Maine and New England.

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All artwork available at Drawn East Art is available as artist prints, framed prints, and greeting cards. Original artwork may not avaialble for all the images listed on this page. What will you choose, tb500 dose ? Find out in detail on the website.
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Old Truck Reclaimed By Flowers
New Hampshire Farm in Winter
Winter Farm
Winter on Munjoy Hill
Maine Winter
Portland Observatory Plein Air
Portland Observatory
Looking Up Portland Head Light print by Dominic White
Portland Light
Portland, Maine Fireboat and Ferry Prints
Old Fireboat
Plein Air Painting of Fisherman and Maine Responder Boat
Maine Responder
Plein Air Painting of a Kite Festival
Kite Festival
Lobster Boat Passing Bug Light in Portland Harbor
Portland Harbor
Fine Art Prints of Minot Ledge Lighthouse
Minot Light
Plein air painting of a pink tree and orange house
Maine Spring
Prints of Maine Fishing Shacks
Maine Shacks
First Parish Church Steeple Prints
Church Steeple
Maine Lobster Boat in Kettle Cove Prints
Lobster Boat
Portland Observatory Prints, Portland, Maine
Prints of Lawson Tower in Scituate, Massachusetts
Lawson Tower
Prints of Old Plymouth Lighthouse
Plymouth Light
Adirondack Chair Artwork Print
Adirondack Chair
Munjoy Hill Art Print
Portland Harbor
Rowboat Rocks Prints
Caulking Shed Prints
Caulker’s Shed
Bear Island Lighthouse Prints
Bear Island
Portland Head Lighthouse Prints
Portland Head
Cape Neddick Lighthouse Prints
Nubble Light
Spring Point Lighthouse Prints
Spring Point
Green Navigation Buoy Prints
Navigation Buoy
Red Navigation Buoy Drawing Prints
Navigation Buoy
Biddeford Pool Store Watercolor Prints
General Store
Saitn Lawrence Church Prints
Stone Tower
Boat Bumpers on Maine Pier Watercolor Prints
Maine Pier
Scituate Lighthouse Watercolor Art Prints
Scituate Light
Neal Dow House Drawing Art Prints
Neal Dow House
Tuilip Farm Art Prints
Tulip Farm
Prints of Old Brick House
Old Brick House
Land Locked Sail Boat Prints
Sailboat Hull
Cape Cod Whale Prints
Humpback Whale
Grindle Lighthouse Prints
Grindle Point
Union Wharf Portland, Maine watercolor Art Prints
Union Wharf
Scituate Harbor Prints
Scituate Harbor
Lobster Dory and Traps Prints
Lobster Traps
Maine Autumn House Prints
Autumn House
Gothic Church Watercolor Prints
Gothic Church
Gurnet Lighthouse Watercolor Prints
Gurnet Light
Oil Rigs at Night Artist Prints
Oil Rigs at Night
Welcome to Portland Maine Prints
Wave Watching In Maine Prints
Wave Watching
Fog Approaching Maine Coast Art Print
Foggy Coast
Grazing Horse in New Hampshire
Horse in A New Hampshire Stable
Horse Stable
Plein Air Painting of Pomroy Rock and Sailboats in Portland, Maine
Pomroy Rock

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